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Our Outdoor Spaces

The hidden gem of Summerhill Homes outdoor spaces is our back garden a beautiful garden space with real lawn sheltered from the wind by the home to one side and the shrubbery to the other, the ideal sunshine spot of Summerhill Home. With planters of blooming flowers springtime brings this space to life for the residents enjoyment throughout the summer.


Our courtyard garden is the current host to our garden visits allowing residents to join with their families in the glorious Aberdeen sunshine when we get it. With our like real artificial grass replacing the concrete slabs our residents love soaking up some rays in our beautiful courtyard garden with their families or fellow residents.

This space is also home to our temporary gazebo to shelter our visitors during their window visits with residents when the real Aberdeen weather comes through.

Our courtyard seating area is possibly our most popular garden area with residents daily enjoying the rays in the summer months when they can. Our residents love to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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